B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Boba)



We are Oklahoma City's first self-serve build your own boba cafe. We want you  to have the freedom to build your own drinks at your fingertips! We also have a full drink menu to order from if you don't want anything from the wall. We have a very simple process as follows:

  1.  You would pick out what size you want and purchase it first. You have a choice between a 16 oz or a 24 oz. cup.
  2. You would then stop by our toppings/sinkers bar and pick out your favorite toppings and add it to your cup.
  3. You can get as much or as little ice as you want.
  4. You can then pick out your favorite drink or mix multiple flavors if you want. 
  5. Finally, you would bring it to our main counter by our espresso machine to get sealed by a staff member. 

We hope you have a wonderful experience building your own boba!